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redesigning October 6, 2008

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We realize that our web site is well, too clunky to use effectively. So a web redesign team was created to look at how to make the site ‘better’. There’s eight of us on this team, and all 8 have a different idea and definition of what better means, and how to make the site better. And none of us are you, our primary users.

So, we’re turning to you for help. There will be many ways and opportunities to shout out and let us know what you need. This blog is one way. We’ll share info on our meetings, thoughts, ideas, decisions and we need, NEED your input. So please, comment away on our postings. Tell us what you are looking for. Don’t be shy, all we ask is that you use respectful language.

Be a part of the creation of a library web site that will support your success.