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State of the website: February 2011 March 3, 2011

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This is the first in a series of monthly posts giving an overview of how our website is being used.  (Site statistics are tracked using Google Analytics, except for the mobile website, which uses PercentMobile.) And now for the results…

Overall Numbers

Pageviews 353,953
Visits 100,340
Pages per visit 3.53
Average time on site 4:06
Busiest day Monday, February 28, 2011 (6,512 visits)
Busiest hour of the day Noon (5,835 visits)

Visitor Profile
Here’s a little information about the 56,020 unique visitors who used our website during February.

Browser overview

Internet Explorer (67%) was the most used browser during February

Distribution of browsers used on the Library's website during February 2011

Connection speed: Most users (63.5%) use our website via a T1 connection.  Less than 1% access the website with a dial-up connection.

Most visitors come from…

  • Country: United States (99.52%)
  • State: Maryland (95.99%)
  • City: Towson (81.67%)

While the majority of visits do come from within the United States, the library website has been accessed 477 times from 70 countries during February.

Content overview

Most accessed pages

Research Databases 18,072 pageviews
Journal List 12,859 pageviews
Citing Sources 8,125 pageviews
Off-campus Login 8,046 pageviews
Subject Gateways 6,648 pageviews

Most used databases

Academic Search Premier accessed 1,486 times
LexisNexis Academic accessed 1,417 times
CINAHL accessed 1,348 times
Business Source Complete accessed 1,095 times
JStor accessed 1,030 times

Mobile Website Overview

The Library also maintains a version of the website that is optimized for mobile devices. Below are some statistics about its usage.

Pageviews 1,084
Visits 555
Pages per visit 1.9

Mobile Device analysis

top 10 devices used to access the library's mobile website

A listing of the top 10 mobile devices used to access the library's mobile website, displaying the total number of visits for each device.

Almost 53% of visits to the Library’s mobile website came from an Apple product using the iPhone operating system (OS). This was followed by devices with the Android OS (30.5%) and the Blackberry OS (10.3%).

Top mobile pages

Library Hours 207
Phone numbers 76
Research Tools 57
What’s Where 35
Directions 29

What We’re Doing

Right now the buzzword is ‘mobile’.  The Library has had a mobile website available for quite some time now, but we’re looking to expand the services we offer via mobile devices as well as the quality of your library experience on your mobile device.  If you’ve used your phone recently to access the Library’s website, you may have noticed that we “magically” redirect you to our mobile website.  This is because we’ve added some code to the website to determine if you’re using a mobile device.  Anytime you visit a site, your device/browser sends information to the website that we can use to distinguish a desktop computer from a cell phone.  Well, sometimes some users are redirected to the mobile site by mistake (based on the info the website gets from their device).  Through recent diligent attention to the traffic going to our mobile site, we’ve been able to catch many of these false redirects.  Comparing the first week of the month to the last week, we’ve increased our accuracy from 78% to 96% (pretty good!). We’ll keep watching the logs and updating our code to make sure we send you to the correct place!

In other web news, Special Collections is undergoing a redesign of their web space.  Special Collections has a lot of great historical resources and information about the University and the region; the new site will be designed to make these resources more accessible to everyone. Look for the redesigned site to be available by the end of March.

Screenshot of the new home page for Special Collections.

A preview of the new home page for Special Collections.



1. Patty - March 29, 2011

Very useful stats, nice format and explanations.

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