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Thanks for the feedback! January 14, 2009

Posted by Cook Library in Assessment, Feedback.

November and December were busy gathering feedback from faculty and students.  Faculty members participated in a focus group and we had 94 students respond to a web site user survey!  Thanks to everybody who participated. If you missed the chance, there’s more opportunities to get involved.

You can always give your feedback at cookredesign.uservoice.com

We are going through the data and looking at a new design with your comments and suggestions in mind.  Your next opportunity to participate is to be a member of the usability study team. The usability study team will give feedback on a new site design.

Some of you already said yes! we want to participate.  Someone from the web redesign team will be in touch after the semester starts with more info.  You’ll be thanked for your time and effort with a thank you gift.

Interested?  Email cookredesign and let us know.



1. Rachael - April 7, 2009

I really like the way the website is the way it is. I think the new one doesn’t have enough bold in the lettering and looks more disorganized. Keep it the old way!

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